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Design Research

Much like arguments, the best designs are built on vivid insights. I construct my cases with hard data, gleaning from market analyses, analytics, interviews, and more. 

Info. Architecture

As a child, I always thought I'd be an architect. Turns out you just need an OCD diagnosis and a few trips to IKEA to make that a reality. The satisfaction feels existential. 

Visual Art

Graphic design will always be my forte, but a BFA in Media Arts helped to sharpen complementary skills in photography, illustration, basic animation, and video editing.

Interaction Design

Holistic domain knowledge and expertise makes it easy to predict how design decisions might ripple through a project—and how users and peers alike could be affected.

User Interface

For most users, the interface itself is the product. I leverage an artist's background, plus Sketch & Adobe CC, in building out pixel-perfect UI for next-gen digital experiences.

Game Design

I utilize game mechanics for their untapped power: to foster emotion, to create value in routine activities, to alter behaviors, and to lead us on journeys of our own creation.

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