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Given the interdisciplinary applications of design research, I consulted extensively on our screener survey and questionnaire, co-facilitating our initial stakeholder interview before moving on to develop proto-personas.

I then spearheaded investigative efforts in my own domain, contributing visual, brand, and market research through competitive analysis, and subsequently pushing these insights to guide persona development.


Attempting to establish design targets, I worked with our interaction lead to critique early wireframes, subsequently planning a client-focused design studio to establish goals and challenge our existing assumptions.


Provided with essential clarity, I then created a series of exploratory mood-boards, testing the waters with eight distinct propositions for color palette, typography pairing, imagery, interface, and brand messaging. 


To supplement brand identity, I planned and facilitated a shared vision workshop, wherein the team and client came together to create an affinity diagram, honing in on brand attributes and essential company values.

Collating this vision with earlier research, branding exercises, and my explorations into visual design, I began formal development of interface mockups, beginning with a style guide. Usability testing ran concurrently.

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